Why It is Necessary to Make Best Use of Our Life

The most beautiful gift a man is blessed with is life so make the best use of life. Once you realized its worth the level of enjoyment and comfort increases in your life. Different people are endowed with different qualities and characteristics. Some people are blessed with beauty and some are blessed with brain, some with health and some with money. But these qualities are not to differentiate between those who have it and those who are deprived of these qualities but in fact this is something to make us realize that this is our responsibility to make the optimum use of our life to make not only our lives easy and smooth but also other who have deprived back grounds.

How can we make the best use of our life?

There are many ways to use our life in positive direction. By working and striving for good is one of the best way to make our life worthwhile. Few year back I believe that only a self actualized person can make difference and can bring light in other people lives as well. Few days ago I read a book “THREE CUPS OF TEA” and now I have realized that even if you are not a self actualized person you can still make a difference. for example by working as volunteer you can use your qualities in positive direction. Because for working as volunteer it does not matter whether you are self actualized are not. Nowadays there are a lot of organizations who are working voluntarily you can join these and work as a volunteer according to your skills and qualities.

But what about the those people who don’t get the chance to join any organization how can these people utilize their qualities in the path of love and peace.

When I was free after my matriculation exams I used to think that there should be programs for students where they can use their energies in positive direction when they have long term holidays. That time I have no idea about volunteer works because in my home town there were no such organizations and still not. But these people can also work as a volunteer on their own. volunteer work does not only include huge task like raising funds for flood victims or working for red cross. You can do little things because little things means a lot. Like you can teach a children who cannot afford to go to school or feeding a hungry child. You can plant a tree, recycle trash, help a poor child in purchasing his books.

I believe all the things you do to bring merriment to a unhappy soul without being paid is volunteerism. You can just even pass a smile to a sad person share his sorrow, or you can become a friend of a person who have no friends, introduce him with your friends, do the work of a sick person’s share work, Feed a hungry animal, encourage a disheartened person by dedicating a poem, you can just say a kind word to someone who need care and love because kind words itself can make huge difference as a Japanese said that “one kind word can keep three winters warm”. And then may be some body inspire from you and start working with you and then another and then once a caravan start, it gradually gain momentum and then you people can make a huge difference.

Even if you just become successful in making a single person start loving his life and feeling good about himself you actually win the battle of life. Learn to use your skills and qualities in the path of love and peace. Make the optimum use of your life. Bringing happiness to unhappy souls will lead you to the valley of deep and true satisfaction, satisfaction which a person can only dream of.


7 thoughts on “Why It is Necessary to Make Best Use of Our Life

  1. Hello Sharmeen,

    You are very right. Whatever we do with love and care it stays as a mark in your life as well as in others life.
    Giving good to someone is one of the beautiful thing in this world.

    Have a peaceful time.

  2. Hi Sharmeen,

    Welcome to the blogsphere, you are right that “Even if you just become successful in making a single person start loving his life and feeling good about himself you actually win the battle of life.”

    I would also add that you must start with yourself and do what makes you feel happy and satisfied. Because once you get enlighten you can share that light to the world.

    PS. I’m really very happy that you have started blogging and sharing something meaningful like you did today. 😉

  3. great job sharmeen, i must say in the current situation of pakistan we do need thinkers like u n volunteers u have wished for but what in my point of view that now being a student our prime objective should be to study and earn name n respect in our profession n then with experience n sme money start a work which wil leave a gud contribution to our society as i expect from u that being a biotechnology student to invent or discover sth for humanity….cheap n esily available n i m sure u wil because u hv a +thnkng ,the foremost requirement of a scientist.. 🙂

  4. yupii sharo …………u r very right………a little deed ov kindness can change a person’s day n it may change a person’s whole world.

  5. life is not to be spent but life is to celebrate. people always look that they don’t have but they never look to that they have.

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