Is Euthanasia a Solution to Human Sufferings?

I read an article on euthanasia last night and I was surprised to know about the pros and cons of euthanasia. To get relieve from severe physical and emotional pains pros of euthanasia does really make sense? what pushes a man to choose euthanasia is somewhat complex than you might have think. One of the pros of euthanasia is that every one has the liberty to choose death on life. But I believe its not the liberty, its the only option we put in front the sufferer.

When a person finds no way out the option he lefts with is the euthanasia. This is obvious that liberty comes where there is multiple option to choose but when you have no option other than death than its ridiculous to talk about liberty. Even patients have no idea about how long they are going to live and suffer. No body want to give up the wish to live. Its actually the society attitude towards the sufferer that make him believe that his life is worthless. We make them realize that he is just a burden on society, money is just being wasted on him, the funds would be available to other patients if he quit life. Secondly to get relief from physical and emotional pain they find euthanasia, a solution. Solution to physical pain is to work in the field of medicine with dedications but what about emotional pain?

Emotional pain is always worse than physical pain and I think that before choosing euthanasia a person is already half dead. Because when a person lose hope to live he is already half dead. Because we forget to give them the care and love they need to make them believe that their life is worthwhile, some body really care about him, this may give them strength to fight with death

To recover the wish to live and battle with death is necessary, but who will give them the love and care? so that he again wish to live and start fighting with death. No matter how long we debate on the pros of euthanasia, euthanasia can never be a solution to human sufferings.


3 thoughts on “Is Euthanasia a Solution to Human Sufferings?

  1. Hello……Sharmeen Dear wonderful thougts and research u put ahead infront of everyone.May we get it the way you tried to deliver.Hope so..

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