Sorry If I Sounded Harsh….

If you seek out parents when looking for feedback, you will be surprised to know that you mostly end up doing things to please them. Parents adapting to conservative mindset force you to pursue jobs that promise high pay (in case sons) and force you to do a respectable job which they think is respectable in their society  like teaching, other profession does not suit you (in case daughters). They assume a firm attitude that shows that they only know what good for us and for our career.


They learn a single lesson and teach the same lesson to their children that is forget your dreams and identity and simply focus on work to produce and reproduce. They are so afraid to accept change and diversity that they only tell you to hide your creativity and do only what your ancestors did.


Their conservative mindset and fear kept us doing creative work or the stuff that’s come natural. They press you to do work something unnatural and you can imagine if you do something inherently unnatural you cannot do justice with your work and yourself, you will end up frustrated.

Have they ever told you to do what you want to do and what you have to give to your society, Have they ever told you to do work for blessing just to brighten your day, Have they ever told you to bring your creative self to work , If NOT then don’t look for parent’s feedback.  Do what you want to do, what comes natural, what keeps your creative self alive. Only that kind of work brings joy and satisfaction.

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