Launch With Confidence.

Launching a new product requires a lot of vigilance. Keeping few things in mind help you to launch with confidence.

one of the biggest obstacle that makes you uncertain about the success of your launch is the people’s refusing to change shopping or usage habits. For that your marketing strategies must include a more persuasive way to support your product.

This the way Google+ is doing because they understand the question why would people like to switch to Google+ when they have already build strong connections on Facebook and most of them addicted to Facebook.  This the reason to make Google+ a successful launch they are using more persuasive tone in their blogs and videos and telling that its more real life sharing way then any other. Therefore they are carefully testing the Google+ in their field trial to check whether its difference with Facebook will sway the users or not.

One of the most important factor that helps you to launch with confidence is the strong communication between manager, developer and marketer. It happens mostly that developer are always too excited and happy about the new product to appear or leak out earlier before the marketers and managers get completely ready but they don’t understand that manufacturing capacity and consistency that cause problems and distraction for managers and marketers. Companies are too much interested in product design that they delay in putting hard work in marketing.

Therefore a strong communication requires between manager, developer and marketer so that they can understand when to enter the scene and put hard work of getting ready for market. Managers learn to engage brand team and marketing, early on to get valuable feedback.

Consumer education plays an important role in making the launch successful. Consumer awareness about how to use a product effectively have great impact on your launching. This the reason Google+ is focusing on product features and functionality in their official Google blog.

Always have a back up plan to increase volume of product from low to massive, also maintaining the quality of the product if the product really takes off. Understanding the manufacturing capacity and consistency ensure the success. This is the reason Gourmet from the very beginning target only Lahore.


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