When you wind up lost……..

We human must need to stop once in our life to look where we are heading. One single pause can change the way we think and spend our life.  We must save sometime to rethink  some thing.

To complete a life of 50 or 60 years and to achieve a status we rush into a job without considering that whether this job suits my passion or not.  But we are so badly tangled in to the wires of poor economy that we blindly choose a job or profession that just provides us a financial security whether we adore it or not.  This is the way I choose a field without knowing myself who I am and what I really want. I was running so fast and so sure where I was heading and then I wind up lost. ……………………

When you wind up lost, this the best thing could have happened. You know why sometime winding up lost is so good because you are then destined to do another job, something different , new, fresh that may suit your passion and your dreams and that’s the way you find yourself. You find new friends, a different place and then you again go through the life and you experience some thing new that may spark your creativity, your art or may be not. There is possibility you may again wind up lost but the main thing is that we learn to embrace failures. we learn to kick out our fear of failure. Trying do different jobs and finding out what really inspires you because that’s the way you find yourself and this is the most important discovery of all.

We are so afraid to lose that cannot think to pursue our passion and dreams. This fear of failure creates awful feelings and slowly we start losing our real image of what we are and start becoming some one else. Don’t let your fear to make you someone else. when you go through the life and feel so  heart-broken at any point just remember what Brad Paisley  said in his song “when you wind up lost and it’s the best thing that could have happened ‘Cause sometimes when you lose your way it’s really just as well  because you find yourself.”

On the most painful feeling  is not knowing your place  in this world. Why are you here ? why you are chosen to be in this place?  Therefore when you take a pause to rethink something just remember that one the most powerful discovery is finding yourself. All other discoveries are minor in comparison to the discovery of yourself. Once we know who we are and how to unleash our potentials then we reach the height of humanity which this universe demands.


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