A Rewarding Effort To Get Twitter Back In Pakistan

If you are someone, who uses Twitter in Pakistan then chances are you already know about yesterday’s #TwitterBan in Pakistan.

Twitter was blocked in Pakistan temporarily on Sunday over some blasphemous content reasons. This  hurts the feeling of all those people who have understanding that  social networking sites are opportunities for a country with big population to spread the word.

While many of us were complaining, my friend Waqas was doing something different.

He wrote about the issue and emailed to some big tech blogs like TechChrunch, AllThingD, The Verge, and TheNextWeb etc.

Thankfully TechCrunch took an immediate action. They also admired his past effort against Facebook Ban in Pakistan. That’s pretty amazing.

Other than this, he created this picture of Twitter bird behind the bar, which reflects what exactly happened.

Not only blogs like TechCrunch raised the issue,  but also Techmeme took notice of that.

And that is how we and other activists won. Ministry of IT had to restore Twitter in Pakistan.

We call it ‘a wonderful fight.‘ Indeed it was.


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