Are your Strengths in Play?

The most common and familiar sayings that our ears come across on daily basis  are ” The Productivity of company or any organization depend on  HOW the employees are being nurtured. How they are provided the space and chance  to learn and grow.” We all understand the importance of employee’s growth and self-development. But how  can one make assure that one’s employees are really getting the chance to unleash their potential everyday.

Today, the CEO of my company asked me that why was I disturb and look dull.

I did not answer because I knew if I told him I would eventually end up  start weeping which I would feel  shameful 😦

I liked that he had shown concern, So I decided to write a post and  to answer his question.

Here what I want to tell him.

If your team’s energy and strength are not in play EVERYDAY then their output and strength will gradually start falling. What happens if  your team is not making best use of their talent in building something great then


Feeling Miscast in their roles

Giving space to negative thoughts

Paying more attention to weakness rather than strengths

Feeling sense of worthlessness.

All these feelings not only lead to the personal destruction but also the low productivity of the company.

It is better to have few number of employees who are giving 100 percent output rather than having large number of employees with low productivity. For example if your employees giving 30 % of their strength it means the productivity of the company is only 30 percent. You cannot make 100% productivity by recruiting  more employees (who are just giving 30 or 20% of output) the graph will  remain the same.

Number of Employees                  % of Productivity                        Growth

4                                                          100                                               ↑

10                                                          30                                               ↓

The moment your team member start showing the symptoms of low energies the company’s CEO should pay attention to it  and make sure that by the end of everyday his or her employees are alive. The biggest challenge for the CEO is to define the right role for his employee in his company by looking at his strength rather than just weakness,  and making sure that his team is alive and doing the work in robust way.

I want my CEO  to make sure that the strength of his team is in play everyday.